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  • El Carajo House / Obranegra Arquitectos May 26, 2019
    El Carajo house is located in Los Salados ecological park in La Fe dam, 30 miles south-east of Medellin. Its core values are rooted in respectful dialogue with the environment, promoting multiple relationships with the landscape and in the translation of elements of traditional architecture, in line with the demands of contemporary life components.
  • Haus der Schüler / Metaraum Architekten BDA May 26, 2019
    A new and self-contained building was designed by the architects to offer students of two very close located schools and different attitudes, support and shelter, while there are no classes or lectures happening.
  • Coffee Bar in Cáceress / Picado de Blas May 26, 2019
    This project is part of an approach to reorganize the Sports City of Cáceres planned by the Junta de Extremadura. This is a first small actuation focused on the garden and the café-bar by the pool.  This global vision of the Sports City is undertaken from a landscape point of view, in order to give […]