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  • A.S. House / BLT Arquitectos April 22, 2019
    The house is located in a land with a complex condition; a slope to the south, visuals to the north, and a small garden forested with native species in its lower part. It was necessary to locate all the main spaces of the house at the same level to satisfy the requirements of those who […]
  • Alstom Warehouses, Nantes Métropole Higher School of Fine Arts / Franklin Azzi Architecture April 22, 2019
    Located in the “Ile de Nantes” a site undergoing industrial transformation, the Alstom Warehouses requalification project marks a new step towards the objective of urban rehabilitation. It goes beyond – it is about city-making, city-making together on the old Alstom warehouses site so that a new dynamic arises at the crossroads of culture, technology and […]
  • B House / Architrend Architecture April 22, 2019
    The project occurred after the demolition and reconstruction of a terrace house in the city of St. Julian, Malta making it more functional to the needs of the family.