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  • CRA House / Estudio MMX May 27, 2020
    The CRA House is located within a residential country club in Avándaro, Estado de México. The country club, like many others in Mexico, establishes general design criteria and suggests, with emphasis, the use of specific forms and materials. Given the mountain character of the site, the regulation infers the need to preserve the rustic character […]
  • Architects, not Architecture: Dan Stubbergaard from COBE May 27, 2020
    Architects, not Architecture decided to open their archive to help us cope with the current situation of not being able to go out as usual and create a source of inspiration and entertainment through sharing one of the unique talks from their previous 35 events, which have never been published before – including those of […]
  • Concrete Houses in Ecuador: Living Spaces that Break the Mold May 27, 2020
    With its wide range of applications and cosmetic properties, concrete is having a moment in the world of architecture. Today, thanks to the ever-moving stream of innovation in concrete production and application, optimal results are now the norm rather than the exception. For architects and builders alike, concrete is an opportunity to explore and experiment with tones […]