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  • 3 Step House / CHACOL July 21, 2019
    The Three Step House derives its name from the design approach we took to addressing the site. The steep vacant hillside lot presented peculiar creative and technical challenges. The lot was virgin, a rarity in the dense Silverlake area. The slope profile was inordinately steep and local codes demanded inventive grading strategies.
  • Phoenix-Tree Garden / Atelier ZZ July 21, 2019
    The owner rented a yard in the hutong and asked us to design a teahouse garden. It is hoped that the gardens will include the elements of traditional gardens and have the true feeling of traditional gardens. It is not allowed to change the plane position of the original building and hope to have a […]
  • Ecumenical Chapel / BNKR July 21, 2019
    Some customers visited the Estancia Chapel and contacted us to make a private chapel on their weekend house at Cuernavaca. They wanted an Ecumenical Chapel, a non-religious chapel, a chapel to meditate.