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  • The Architecture of Social Interaction August 7, 2020
    Denise Scott Brown once said: “Architecture can’t force people to connect; it can only plan the crossing points, remove barriers, and make the meeting places useful and attractive.” Although it cannot control the outcome, architecture holds the potential to set the stage for chance encounters and social interactions, thus nurturing community building and influencing the […]
  • Administration Building with Rooftop Greenhouse / Kuehn Malvezzi August 7, 2020
    The office building in the center of Oberhausen combines the diverse functions of a public administrative building and rooftop garden in a new way, integrating features of both typologies. The tension between the physicality of the brick building and the delicate lightness of the greenhouse creates a new identity that affects the urban context of […]
  • Carlos García Vázquez: "The Modern Urbanism Has Rediscovered Traditional Cities" August 7, 2020
    Three years ago, in the wake of the release of his book Theories and History of the Modern City ("Teorías e Historia de la Ciudad Contemporánea", 2016, Editorial Gustavo Gili), we sat down with the author, Carlos García Vázquez, to discuss this complex and "uncertain creature' that is the modern city, focusing on the three […]