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  • The Protective Shelter of Locality 1 Archaeological Site of Zhoukoudian Peking Man Cave / THAD July 10, 2020
    BACKGROUNDAccording to the data analysis of a 20years long monitoring work, the Locality 1Archaeological Site of Zhoukoudian has been threatened by severe hazards as wind and rain erosions, weathering, crumbling and instability, etc. After the severe rain storm on 21st July 2012, water catchment was discovered at the bottom and the west section of the […]
  • Secret Bar / Atelier xy July 10, 2020
    Located in Shanghai’s former French Concession, Atelier xy was tasked with designing the interior of a bar in the heart of Shanghai. Many shops and restaurants line the hustle and bustle of the adjacent street. To enter, guests walk up the stairs through a long and dark corridor, which acts as a transition between the […]
  • Black Perch House / Vastu Shilpa Consultants July 10, 2020
    Black Perch is the extension and refurbishment of an existing, 40 year old bungalow, located in a tight urban fabric, using most of the permissible ground cover before the extension was added.  As no other space was available, the extension is placed on top of the existing, split level building. It adds a large living […]