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  • Birmingham Coffee and Mini Apartment / Chơn.a March 5, 2021
    Birmingham coffee-mini apartment, A soft charm in undulating town.
  • BetterLife Group Headquarter / TEMP March 5, 2021
    Erected in the early 1970s, before China opened its economy, the building was designed to house manufacturing activities for metallurgy spare parts. As with most factories of the time, the utilitarian rectilinear structure is laid with red bricks in a common bond, well-fenestrated with evenly spaced windows. Plenty of steel-concrete columns, truss, and beams throughout […]
  • Ground Floor Office / Takayuki Kuzushima and Associates March 5, 2021
    The plan is to renovate the first floor of the building. The first floor is special in architecture. The floor is connected to the ground and the inside and outside of the building are close. People traveling around the city can see the floor and even think of it as a façade. The openness and  […]